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Representative of JUMO in IRAN

شرکت جومو در ایران | JUMO Company

شرکت جومو JUMO در سال 1948 در کشور آلمان تاسیس شد . طولی نکشید که این شرکت به عنوان یکی از شرکت های مطرح در زمینه تولید سنسورهای صنعتی و اتوماسیون در سرتاسر جهان شناخته شد . یکی از ویژگی های منحصر به فرد این شرکت ارائه محصولات با تکنولوژی های بسیار جدید و به صورت نوآورانه می باشد .

محصولات این شرکت شامل زنجیره ای از محصولات اندازه گیری از سنسورها تا روش های اتوماسیون برای دما، فشا، آنالیز مایعات، جریان، سطح و رطوبت می باشد.بر اساس اعلام مدیران این شرکت آلمانی از هدف های نهایی این شرکت بهینه و قابل اطمینان کردن روش های پردازش، انرژی و هزینه برای مشتریانش می باشد.

شرکت فنی مهندسی آمیتیس فروشنده محصولات شرکت جومو JUMO ، در زمینه خرید، فروش، مشاوره و پخش تجهیزات صنعتی و انواع ابزار دقیق مانند اندازه گیری دما، آنالیز مایعات، اندازه گیری فشار، اندازه گیری سطح، اندازه گیری جریان سیالات و رطوبت ، تجهیزات ضبط ، اتوماسیون و تجهیزات کنترل و مانیتورینگ فعالیت دارد.

شرکت فنی مهندسی آمیتیس از معدود شرکت هایی در حوزه ابزاردقیق می باشد که با دارا بودن تیم فنی مجرب خود توانسته است با مشاوره های مناسب نیاز کارفرمایان و صنعتگران عزیز را در انتخاب انواع تجهیزات ابزاردقیق به دلیل تنوع بسیار زیاد برطرف نماید .

شرکت آمیتیس با توجه به ارتباطات بسیار خوب با طرف خارجی می تواند محصولات این شرکت را با مناسب ترین قیمت و کوتاه ترین زمان تحویل ارائه نماید .

شرکت جومو در ایران | JUMO Company

About JUMO Co.
JUMO relocated the US subsidiary to upstate New York in 2005. The new facility provided additional office space to accommodate an increase in business. JUMO also developed manufacturing facilities and now produces custom temperature probes to customer specifications.

JUMO is a worldwide trademark for measurement and control technology. The company was established in 1947 by Moritz Kurt Juchheim in Fulda, Germany. (See company history) In just a few decades, JUMO has grown from modest beginnings to an internationally successful company, with offices and representatives across the globe. JUMO began the United States subsidiary, JUMO Process Control, Inc., in 1984. Initially focusing on support and service for their customers with exports to the US, JUMO soon proved to be a valuable ally to US manufacturers as well.

In 2005, JUMO USA further expanded to develop a manufacturing facility, becoming a well-established provider of measurement and control instrumentation to manufacturers across the United States and Canada. To better serve customers in Canada, JUMO opened a subsidiary in the Toronto area in 2012.

JUMO devices and systems are used on six continents to measure, control, and record physical parameters in a wide variety of industries and fields. User-friendly and reliable, they are available in any required number and configuration. Our products always include the guarantee of exceptional quality and comprehensive service. Thanks to highly-qualified personnel and continuous development JUMO has established a reputation for its products and services in the global market


شرکت جومو آلمان - JUMO Company


محصولات شرکت JUMO

JUMO Temperature Devices JUMO began manufacturing temperature probes in the mid-1960s and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of durable, high-quality, precision RTD temperature probes and thermocouples. Our extensive product range provides customizable solutions for a variety of industries, from OEM applications to highly specialized industry projects.

Liquid analysis
JUMO offers the highest quality electrodes, transmitters, and controllers for water/wastewater engineering, highly-purified pharmaceutical water, CIP cleaning, and water for drinking, swimming pools, and aquariums.
Our sensors are designed and produced by JUMO, are available in both glass and plastic tube versions, using electrodes and/or membranes, or optical sensors.

Our product portfolio for pressure measurement extends from pressure sensors, pressure transducers, and pressure switches to differential pressure transmitters. We provide the right test equipment for numerous applications, whether you need large quantities for OEM manufacturing or highly individualized solutions for special industry applications.

JUMO level measurement probes are used for hydrostatic filling level measurement in ventilated tanks or to determine levels in open waters. Differential pressure transmitters are used for pressurized filling level measurement in closed tanks.

The full breadth of JUMO’s product portfolio allows you to measure, control, and record flow velocities in gases, vapors, and liquids. We offer a variety of methods from electromagnetic inductive measurements to paddlewheel flow sensors to differential pressure measurement to suit a wide variety of applications.
Humidity plays a crucial role in many industries. JUMO offers reliable measurement systems including hygro thermometers and hygrostats with either capacitive or hygrometric measurement methods to help monitor and achieve optimal humidity.

Different industries may have vastly different production processes, but they all need to control process variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, and level, and many cases require the highest levels of accuracy. JUMO's product range spans from inexpensive electromechanical and electronic thermostats through to compact PID controllers and multichannel automation systems.

For on-site documentation, JUMO paperless recorders enable you to capture, archive, and evaluate your process data with ease and security. All devices have integrated Lifecycle Data Management (LDM). For specific industry solutions we offer recorders with ATEX or FDA approval.
For automation JUMO offers a cleverly combined product spectrum of temperature transmitters, digital indicators, SCR power controllers/power switches via a complete measurement, control, and automation system through to plant visualization software.

To reduce the residual risk for man, machine, and the environment to an acceptable level, we offer electronic and electromechanical thermostats which can be implemented as temperature limiter and monitor or as safety switches, all tested and proven to DIN quality standards.



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